Glocol Networks 

For decades cities have been designed and planned around transportation systems.  A smart city is really an urban development vision to integrate multiple ICT solutions in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets. The goal of building a smart city is to improve quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet residents’ needs.

Today, we are closer to the vision and dream of a Smart City!

The Glocol Networks Smart City Platform provides a modular solution set for smart transportation, smart infrastructure and a vision for transformation, including technologies and applications that consolidate infrastructures, support current and future systems, and improve service delivery.

Internet of Things


At Glocol Networks,  we are reinventing Seamless Mobility, IOT and Smart City infrastructure components, exploring how emerging Transportation Data, Technologies and Applications can be integrated with existing systems for a smarter and better-connected future.

With our initial seed funding and continuously evolving strong partnerships, we are strengthening our vision for the utilization of IOT.

Connected Vehicles

V2V allows vehicles to exchange safety information
Glocol V2I Framework allows infrastructure to communicate with vehicles


Internet of Things is now a reality and brings a new paradigm into our physical connected world, connecting People and Things to create a fully connected lifestyle.

 With the fast deployment of mobile technologies, the world is gearing up for IOT which will use Sensors,  DSRC and RFID technologies to connect objects that can sense and communicate to us on our mobile devices.  These “things” of the real world shall seamlessly integrate into the virtual world, enabling anytime, anywhere connectivity. In 2010, the number of everyday physical objects and devices connected to the Internet was around 12.5 billion. Cisco forecasts that this figure is expected to reach a number of 50 billion by 2020.



Smart-City Platform


Intelligent Data Fusion

Glocol IDF Algorithms address problems for Smart City Data Needs and bring intelligence to the network edge

Urban Analytics

Analytics like examining speed of movement of “smart objects” for safer living

Glocol Smart City Fabric

Cross Walk Networks

Glocol provides the fabric for modular solution set for smart transportation and smart city